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Eat your way through it!

Although we are still here for all your event needs, we also wanted to share some things that have made quarantine a bit more enjoyable for our families. Hope you enjoy too!

Hey everyone,

This page isn't about events, we are all going through lock-down, isolation, unprecedented times and it can be hard.

Food is another of our great loves (as well as music and nature...) so we wanted to share just one recipe a week that we've cooked during lock-down that has been delicious! These recipes have made my family happy, and I think (hope!) they'll make your families happy too.

The amounts in the recipes are quite generic, because, much to my husband's annoyance, this is my style of cooking! These are all things we've cooked in the last few weeks so it is possible to get the ingredients, but I've swapped or left out some if I struggle to get hold of anything.

We are obviously still here to support you with events, or if you want to discuss ideas on brand relaunches or regrouping staff after lockdown and we are offering 20% discount on bookings made during this time. But this page is to feed your soul.


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