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Sweet potato & peanut West African Stew (Vegan!)

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I first came across this recipe when I went for lunch with husband, sounded delicious, but there was only one portion left. I won! I had to promise I'd make it for our family another time. There are various versions online, but this is the one I've used.

It's a vegan recipe, healthy and different (different from what I usually cook anyway). The other Helen & I (see who we are tab!) have cooked this together in the vegan way, but if you fancy some meat I've also added some chopped pork fillet to it, which is lovely too.

I serve this with flatbread, if you can't get hold of that, Jamie Oliver has a recipe which just uses flour & water! It's really good.

As always just swap / leave out what you don't have :-)



It'll take about an hour, this will serve 4 / 5.

2 onions chopped

5cm piece of ginger chopped

3 garlic cloves

1 chili

4 tbsp tomato puree (I have been known to substitute a squirt of ketchup here if I run out. Don't judge)

150g peanut butter

sunflower oil

coriander (seeds crushed, or use ground coriander if you have) 2 tsp

ground cumin 2tsp

black pepper, about 1 tsp

coconut cream 150g (or small box from the supermarket)

750ml veg stock

600g sweet potatoes, peel and cut into chunks

Green beans 200g (optional)

50g kale (or I've used spinach, whatever you have)

Peanuts - a handful or so

(Pork fillet is an optional, but delicious addition)

Nice served with fresh coriander & lime - both optional.

Put one onion (chopped), ginger, garlic, chili, tomato puree and peanut butter into a food processor and Wizz to a paste.

heat a casserole dish, fry the other diced onion in the oil with a pinch of salt until soft.

Add the ground coriander & cumin and fry for another couple of minutes, then add peanut paste and cook for another 5 ish minutes.

Stir in the coconut cream & stock and simmer for 10 minutes, then add the potatoes chunks and cook for 15 mins with a lid on.

If you are adding pork fillet now is the time!

Remove lid, add the green veg and cook for another 10 minutes, maybe add a few peanuts chopped for texture - voila!

Pop some chopped fresh coriander and the peanuts on top. Enjoy - this is really delicious x

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