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5 simple tips to make your event more sustainable

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

At H Squared events we are committed to bringing sustainability to the events industry. If you are planning your own event there are things you can consider to make sure your event is as sustainable as possible, here are some simple tips it's easy to incorporate.

Consider your carbon footprint

The nature of events means there will inevitably be some travel, but encouraging your delegates and guests to car share reduces impact.

For corporate events, do you even need to travel? If there is an area on site that can be re-purposed this is a great idea. For example a car park ... it is possible to arrange for an inflatable venue, or a marquee. These can be set up to have both meeting and social areas and immediately you have removed the need for travel for all those staff.

Reduce your waste

Avoid using paper plates and napkins - this is an easy one!

Try to use cloth napkins and crockery which can be washed and reused.

Use paper straws - these can be branded for your event or bought to match your colour scheme for your wedding!

Provide drinking water in glass dispensers

This is another really simple idea, but will have an impact and remove the need for people to buy plastic bottles. Add different fruits for flavour, and visually it's much more appealing than plain water!

Use local suppliers

As well as supporting local businesses, this will also reduce your carbon footprint. Don't forget to check where your suppliers suppliers are from to really consider your impact.

Also check packaging materials and containers - are they made from recycled materials? Can

they be recycled or re-used?

Compost your paper

While recycling paper obviously has it's place, at an event with catering if you try to separate your paper recycling you only need one person to throw their cup with coffee still in it in your bin and the whole lot can no longer be recycled.

Most paper can be composted (put in your food waste), with the exception of glossy paper and foil wrapping paper.

Sustainability is becoming more and more important, these are some really easy tips you can incorporate into any event, trust yourself and you can make your event more sustainable! Now you've got some inspiration why not get in touch to chat through your event planning ideas to see where we can help.

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