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How to get the most from your wedding photographer

All aspects of your wedding are important, it's the attention to details that will make sure your day runs smoothly (are you noticing a theme throughout our website yet!! #attentiontodetails ). Your wedding photographer will capture your day and save the memories for years to come, so this aspect is especially important. We have got together with Mae Photography to put together some tips to help you get the most from your wedding photographer.

Discuss your schedule

Experienced wedding photographers can help you plan the schedule of your day to allow enough time for photographs at each part of the day. This might inform the time they arrive for getting ready shots, when you book your DJ for and many other factors. Some couples wish to allow a lot of time for formal photographs while others would prefer to focus on the candid party pictures - speak with your photographer and they can advise on this.

Share Pinterest boards

Create a wedding photography board on Pinterest. As you browse and see pictures you like, add them to your board. Later, you can share this board with your photographer to let them know the types of photographs you might like. It might be the lighting, location, composition, colours etc that caught your eye. Please be conscious of the day you have planned when selecting these images and create a realistic board. If you're having a ceremony in a barn then try and focus your attention on barn weddings in Pinterest rather than browsing high-end hotel weddings. Similarly, if you love the scenery of a mountain range in the backdrop but are tying the knot without a mountain in sight, this would be impossible for your photographer to constructively guide them.

Talk Talk Talk

Before your wedding, ask as many questions as you need about what to expect. Keep your photographer informed on all the little plans that they should be ready to photograph - any surprises you have for your guests, shouldn't be a surprise for your photographer. Let them in on the secrets! If you are self-conscious about a certain part of your body, talk to your photographer in advance so they can be mindful and respectful of your insecurities.

Get to know your photographer

Your photographer is providing a service but they are also a person! You will be spending a lot of your wedding day with them, so make sure you like them before booking. Then, warmly welcome then into your day. The best photographs come from a bridal party that accepts the photographer as one of them and invites them to be part of the celebration too. The results are much more natural, genuine and authentic.

Have an engagement session

This follows on from the above - getting to know your photographer. Before your wedding, meet with your photographer for a portrait session. This way, you can get to know each other better, discover how they work and learn what to expect from your photography on your wedding day. You will be much more comfortable with the camera and photographer being around when it comes to the big day.

Be in the moment

Your wedding day is about you as a couple making lifelong promises together. Your guests are supporting you and it's an amazing time. The most important thing you can do is to almost forget the photographer is there (they've got this - trust them) and just be in the moment. Enjoy your special day - laugh, cry, eat, dance - and your photographer can capture the magic.

Now you have some more ideas and information why not get in touch with us to find out more about our wedding planning or coordination service. Tell me more about weddings

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