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Thinking of hiring a Wedding Coordinator? Here's what you need to know...

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Who helps with what on your wedding day can be confusing. It’s an expensive time and you certainly don’t want to be spending out on help if it isn’t necessary. Your wedding isn’t something that happens every day, but industry experts do work with weddings and events every day and will be used to and experienced in, dealing with aspects and problems that you may not even have thought of. That’s why we are here to help!

A Wedding Coordinator is a fantastic option for couples who are budget conscious but are still aware they would like some professional help on the day. DIY weddings are increasingly popular, and although they can be hard work, it is a great way to make sure everything is exactly as you want while remaining within budget, however, you will have worked so hard for so long, you want to be free to enjoy YOUR day. That’s why couples should consider some professional help. So is a wedding coordinator the right sort of help for you?

Types of Wedding Professionals

You will have heard of a Wedding Designer, a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator. A Wedding Designer will work with you from the very beginning to put together a full concept for the design and feel of the day, they will be with you throughout. A Wedding Planner is also with you from start to finish, helping you to book all suppliers and supporting throughout the entire wedding process. A Wedding Coordinator is a more budget-friendly option, jumping in from a few weeks to a month prior to the big day to take over the managing of suppliers and making sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Point of contact

You’ve spent months and months planning and no matter how meticulous you have been in making sure you have dotted all the ‘i’s’ and crossed all the ‘t’s’ there will be questions on the day. This is unavoidable. All of your suppliers will need someone to approach, and you as the Bride or Groom (standardly the Bride because you are easy to spot!) will be the target person for questions. Of course, you can ask your mum, friend, sister, etc to be the go-to person, but you will want them by your side on the day to make your memories together. They are ultimately your guests too and would like to enjoy the day as such. You also need to consider if the champagne flows a little freely, or they get distracted or called away entertaining guests the questions will fall back to you again.

Problem Solving

There are occasions (quite frequent occasions) where problems arise on the day, a Wedding Coordinator is experienced in events and weddings and is logistically focussed and creative at problem-solving. They can be lifesavers for the couple and alleviate stress. The focus of your Wedding Coordinator will be attention to all the details so that you can relax and enjoy the day you have worked so hard to put together.

Is it just a day of help?

No! A Wedding Coordinator will be with you from a few weeks to a month or so before the big day. For H Squared Events we would conduct a monthly check-in with the couple, from the point of booking to make sure everything is on track. There is a detailed face to face meeting at least six weeks before your wedding date to cover every little detail, from this we produce a comprehensive timeline for the day detailing all the tasks (including behind the scenes tasks!). We will go over this with you, to ensure that you are comfortable knowing everything is taken care of. Your Wedding Coordinator will make contact with all of your suppliers to introduce themselves and take over the running of the day from this point.

The most important thing to consider….

I really think this is the most important aspect – make sure you meet with your Wedding Coordinator before making a booking and pick someone you like! On your wedding day you want to be surrounded by, and supported by, people who you would want to be there. Make sure you pick someone you want around on the day and enjoy spending time with!

To find out a bit more on wedding coordination click here: find out more about weddings!

Lastly, and by no means least, huge congratulations!!!

Now you have a bit more information why not get in touch to see how we can remove the stress from you, leaving you free to enjoy your wedding day. H Squared Events are always honoured to be part of a couple's Wedding Day, if you would like to discuss more please get in touch. Tell me more!


About the author, Helen Steward

Helen has spent over 15 years working in the events industry, working on everything from managing large international conferences attended by delegates from over 40 countries, special birthday parties in exclusive venues, Wedding Receptions, and corporate away days. She’s experienced in attention to detail and anticipating all problems that may arise, there isn’t much that can make her flap! A creative and calm approach to problem-solving is in her nature. She also likes food, music and wine!


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